herborner.F-N-C 100% coated and cose-coupled NAME centrifugal pump with heat exchanger motor


The cutting edge generation of coated herborner.F-N-C block pumps with their unique 100% coating has a heat exchanger motor (C). The energy re-use principle of heat exchanger motors leads to considerable savings in heating costs and heat reduction of the plant room, for example by supplying the motor's waste heat directly to swimming pool water for heating. In addition, these motors are characterised by lower noise emissions.

It is suitable for all applications where the medium must not be contaminated by corrosion products. Up to 500 µm coating provides an extremely smooth surface boosting the hydraulic efficiency of the pump by about 10% and offering energy savings over years.


Swimming pool pumps

Industrial pumps

Available in USA




NSF approval

Compact design

Stainless steel available

Very quiet motor

Particularly high efficiency


Radial impeller with cover


NEMA motor

Reinforced bearing

Heat exchanger motor


Safe against rusting

Variable nozzle positions

Seal-Guard-System available

Double mechanical seal available


HPC coated


Tank mounting

Process design

Vertical installation

Horizontal installation

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