herborner.Fηeo Coated, close-coupled centrifugal pump


The coated block pump herborner.Fηeo with maximum efficiency for the versatile use. The new generation of pumps offers maximum energy and cost savings at every operating point where the pumps can be used. This is made possible in part by the combination of a pump with an IE5 permanent magnet motor and a specially adapted frequency converter. The herborner.ηeo are fully smooth-coated from the inside and guarantee maximum protection against wear, corrosion and deposits.

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Swimming pool



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Type Description Language Version Size Download
P_herborner-neo_BG 03 5 MB Login
P_herborner-neo_CZ 03 5 MB Login
P_herborner-neo_DE 02 3,4 MB Login
P_herborner-neo_ES 03 5,1 MB Login
P_herborner-neo_FR 03 5,2 MB Login
P_herborner-neo_GB 02 2,9 MB Login
P_herborner-neo_IT 03 5,2 MB Login
P_herborner-neo_PL 03 5,1 MB Login
P_herborner-neo_RO 03 5 MB Login
P_herborner-neo_RU 03 5,1 MB Login
P_herborner-neo_SI 03 5 MB Login
P_herborner-neo_XS 03 5 MB Login

Type Description Language Version Size Download
D-PM_herborner-Fneo_DE 03 6,7 MB Login
D-PM_herborner-Fneo_ES ? 03 6,7 MB Login
D-PM_herborner-Fneo_FR 03 6,7 MB Login
D-PM_herborner-Fneo_GB 03 6,7 MB Login

Type Description Language Version Size Download
Ausschreibungstext herborner.Fηeo 01 1,2 MB Login

Type Description Language Version Size Download
A_herborner-Fneo_DE 02 5,7 MB Login
A_herborner-Fneo_GB 02 6,9 MB Login

Type Description Language Version Size Download
M_Lieferprogramm DIN-A5_RU 01 752,9 KB Login
M_Lieferprogramm_DE_GB 04 4,5 MB Login
M_Lieferprogramm_DE-GB-NL 02 1,1 MB Login
M_Lieferprogramm_ES-GR-FR 01 2,7 MB Login
M_Lieferprogramm_PL-RU-CZ 01 2,7 MB Login
M_Lieferprogramm_SE-NO-FI 01 2,7 MB Login
M_PAHN-AI_DE 01 1,4 MB Login
M_PAHN-AI_GB 01 1,4 MB Login
M_Schiffspumpen_DE 02 2,6 MB Login
M_Schiffspumpen_GB 02 2,5 MB Login
M_Schwimmbad_DE 03 2 MB Login
M_Schwimmbad_GB 03 2 MB Login
M_Schwimmbad_NL 01 1,3 MB Login
M_Schwimmbad_RU 01 561,2 KB Login

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