UNICUT-V Compact unit consisting of the close coupled sewage pump with integrated cutting device and vacuum pump


The UNICUT-V compact unit combines a vacuum pump and a sewage block pump with integrated cutting unit. A central motor forms the basis of every compact unit and drives both the vacuum pump as well as the sewage block pump. Due to their central drive, the two sizes of the UNICUT-V offer small dimensions. As a consequence, they can be operated in very restricted areas. The compact units are available individually or with an upstream tank for separation of the air/sewage mixture.

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Available Downloads for UNICUT-V

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Type Description Language Version Size Download
P_UNICUT-V_DE 04 847,8 KB Login
P_UNICUT-V_GB 04 712,4 KB Login

Type Description Language Version Size Download
M_Lieferprogramm DIN-A5_RU 01 752,9 KB Login
M_Lieferprogramm_DE_GB 04 4,5 MB Login
M_Lieferprogramm_DE-GB-NL 02 1,1 MB Login
M_Lieferprogramm_ES-GR-FR 01 2,7 MB Login
M_Lieferprogramm_PL-RU-CZ 01 2,7 MB Login
M_Lieferprogramm_SE-NO-FI 01 2,7 MB Login
M_PAHN-AI_DE 01 1,4 MB Login
M_PAHN-AI_GB 01 1,4 MB Login
M_Schiffspumpen_DE 02 2,6 MB Login
M_Schiffspumpen_GB 02 2,5 MB Login

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